Why taking action now matters?

Updated: May 15, 2020

There are many articles about mindset, heart set, attitudes we need to have during these extraordinary times of the Corona Virus. While all of them are true when separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls is this...

The world is changed.... one action at a time

Read all the blogs, attend all webinars, consume what content you want. But the litmus test is are you taking actions.

Suggested Actions during these extraordinary times

1. Implement whatever learning you are doing. Don't be a self-development junkie jumping from another webinar to other

2. Reach out to people, especially those who have made a difference. Call them and ask them how they are doing. You will hear from them how much they appreciated you calling them.

3. Help those in need. This includes starving animals.

4. Invest wisely. Great stocks are available at great prices now.

5. Exercise. Even breathing exercises will do.

6. Meditate. Even five minutes a day will do. But do it consistently.

7. Have fun. Play games with family members. Have a prank week at home

Good luck. If you don't take action now when there is ample time because of the lockdown, then you don't have a time problem, you have a discipline problem.

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