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Change Management and transition

Contents of the program


Change management 

Understand the difference between change and transition
Change management process
Applying the 8 step process
Managing transition
The transition curve
Strategies for managing transition
Coaching in the times of change
Reflections on change 
Personal reflections 
8 Stages of Change Management
Increase Urgency
Build the Guiding Team
Get the Vision Right
Communicate for Buy-In
Empower Action
Create Short Term Wins
Don’t Let Up
Make Changes Stick
Changes versus Transition 
An event 
Begins with something 
Can happen quickly 
A process 
Starts with the ending 
Happens within a person 
Takes longer  


Experiential Activities
Duration: 75 minutes
  • Applying change management to a given situation
  • Understanding three steps of transition
  • Experiencing negative feelings people go through in change management
  • Managing change 

Activity: Site and Central (Group Activity followed by debriefing)



Learning Outcome: 

  • Understanding your role and responsibility
  • Common mistakes to be avoided in changing circumstances
  • What you do without proper action points
  • How good is your initiative IQ




Duration: 60 minutes



  • To learn to work with limited data, to understand people, their inhibitions and achieve a uncommon goal


Activity: Interpreting data (Group Activity followed by debriefing)


Learning Outcome: 

  • Working with small pieces of data
  • Understanding people’s perspectives
  • Collaboration and working with diverse group and still achieving the results
  • Experiencing people’s participation in a change initiative
  • Getting people’s buy-in for the vision
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