Beyond Ho'ponopono

Going beyond  saying... I am sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, I Love You

Ho'oponopono (pronounced ho-o-po-no-po-no) is an ancient Hawaiian practice made famous by Dr. Joe Vitale. He had himself chanced about the work of Dr. Len who had healed the mental and emotional ailments of several criminals in a prison without even seeing them. That story can be found here.

The Hawaiian word Ho'oponopono translates into English simply as a correction. The idea is to bring a person into your mind who needs healing or with whom your relationship needs healing and mentally repeat four phrases, feeling each phrase, deeply.

I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank You
I love you

Several people have reported amazing results with this technique. They are amazed at how the other person has healed or at minimum how the relationship with the other person has changed.

A lot of trainers and healers use or teach the technique. However, over the years, a key concept has been forgotten. When Joe Vitale and Dr Len wrote a book called Zero Limits sharing this ancient practice to the world, they explained that the main objective of Hoʻoponopono is getting to the "zero state — it's where we have zero limits. No memories. No identity.” It is based on Len's idea of 100% responsibility, taking responsibility for everyone's actions, not only for one's own. If one would take complete responsibility for one's life, then everything one sees, hears, tastes, touches, or in any way experiences would be one's responsibility because it is in one's life. The problem would not be with our external reality, it would be with ourselves. Total Responsibility means that everything exists as a projection from inside the human being.

The missing link of the zero state is not taught by a lot of healers and neither is the concept of Total Responsibility. In a zero state, as experienced in Tej Gyan Foundation’s Magic of Ultimate Awakening Retreats, you become clear that you are not the separate individual, but the consciousness from which everything emanates. If you are the creator, then you are responsible. Sirshree, the founder of Tej Gyan Foundation says, “You are responsibility”.

With this understanding, read the four steps of Ho'oponopono in Dr Vitale’s words:

The first step asks you to say sorry for everything that has happened or any wrong thing that you have witnessed. It makes it easy for you to move ahead in your life once you know the fact and have the courage to say sorry for anything that was wrong, you will feel better.
Once you are able to say sorry the second step requires you to ask for forgiveness. You will be seeking forgiveness for everything you felt sorry for in the first step. While doing so you are asking to forgive everything from you and your past memories that may have been involved in the wrongdoing. These may sound weird for many of us but once you mean what you say the process is magical.
The third step that you must go through is showing your gratitude for everything that has happened to your life. This way you will learn to appreciate everything that is big or small in your life. You might get an unexpected response for this thank you but you need not worry about the result or response. At the right time the correct result will appear in front of you. This step will help you to have patience as well.
The last step that you need to follow is to show your love and say I love you to everything that is yours. This way you will learn to love everything related to you.
When we started to teach this beautiful technique in Wisdom Solutions, we intuitively felt a few modifications may help. Here are our recommended steps:

Step 1: Meditate
Go into a meditative step and practice any meditation that leads you to the zero state - a thoughtless state.

Step 2: Setup
Bring the person or situation or relationship that requires healing and feel and tell yourself, I am responsible. If you are giving healing to someone who hurled swear words at your or a dear one - standing in the shoes of the creator, take full responsibility - even though you did not swear in the first place, Saying the phrase, ‘I am you, You are me. We are one’ helps to ground this understanding.

Step 3: Heal

Repeat the phrases feeling them….

Please forgive me,
Thank You.
I love you

….and these additional phrases
I see you (or I appreciate you)
I bless you (or it feels right, I forgive you)
I heal you
….and any other phrases you would like.

Notice that we deleted, I am sorry. This is for a couple of reasons. One is that, ‘I am sorry’ may generate a negative vibration in a few people when they are practicing. From a true zero limits’ state of responsibility, it generates the right vibration. But then, not everyone can ground themselves in that state. Also, in the Hindi language, the translation of ‘I am sorry’ is ‘Please forgive me’. Google it up and you will be surprised to find that this is true. Since ‘Please forgive me’ is the second phrase, there is no need to again say I am sorry.

We call this modified Ho'oponopono as Happy-o-mono. The o’ in the middle stands for the zero state. Mono stands for, ‘I am responsible’ And standing in the zero limits state of 100% responsibility, happily bless and heal away.

Bringing it together the steps of Happy-o-mono are:

1. Meditate : Pause

2. Setup: Use the Phrase: I am You. You are me. We are one.

3. Heal : Use the Phrase (to be repeated a few times) with feeling:  Please forgive me,Thank You, I love you, I see you, I bless you, I heal you.

Krishna Iyer
Creator of deep transformative experiences that helps people all over the world awaken the the fulness of their being

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