Awaken to Abundance

An immersive online group coaching experience to grow in abundance

Course ContentS

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The Mental/ Emotional/ Feminine Aspects of Abundance 

Reset your upper limit and create a new relationship with Abundance and let money flow in your life with ease

Access the source of Abundance and highest consciousness within you.

Create a long lasting tuning with Abundance with ease. Create a balance of Yin and Yang energies of money

Recreate a magical, intimate and joyful relationship with money with ease.

Invoke the state of Resourcefulness and overcome any blocks or imprints that are making you struggle with Abundance

The Practical/ Financial/ Masculine Aspects of Abundance

Create a money map to navigate to your financial freedom

Explore how you can create multiple sources of income effortlessly

Create 7 goldmines of riches that will manage both your income and wealth for you and your generations to come

Become your own fund manager and discover how investing Rs 100 or (less than that) can create a massive wealth for you

Know the Real Cause of Debt, stuck money & never ending EMI’s and How to eliminate them forever



Sessions from

7th March 2021 to
4th April 2021.

Additional follow up

Additional follow up and implementation daily from  23rd October to 14th November: Rs 5000.

Special bonus

Special bonus for those who sign up for both upfront: One free 60 minute personal & customized session  “From Gravity to Escape Velocity”, a personalized assessment and session to realize and overcome your subconscious sabotages and imprints that block you from tuning to Abundance with ease if you enroll upfront now.


What our participants say?

“I was not aware that this course could do miracles in my life. After this course, I feel that someone woke up me from a deep slumber.”

— Our Participants

“Such a wonderful program. This is a life-changing program for me personally. Before attending it I really did not know what a difference this program would make and the difference started immediately after just the first session itself. ”

— Our Participants



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